Overland Resource Group

We transform adversarial labor-management relationships into productive ones. Our processes, skill-building and proven methodologies help organizations shed entrenched conflict in favor of union-management collaboration that focuses on meeting the shared interests of employees/members, customers, communities and other stakeholders. Overland Resource Group serves as trusted advocates and strategic allies to labor and management leaders, enabling them to lead change more effectively together than either could do alone.

What Our Clients Say

Overland Resource Group has been a great asset to not only The Boeing Company, but also to me. At a very critical time in our company’s life, Overland joined forces with us to help design, implement, modify and maintain a programmatic relationship with our hourly workforce that was the ultimate win-win solution for our company…A once adversarial culture is now one built upon trust and collaboration and emphasizes the criticality associated with effective teaming. We are light years ahead of where we might have been without the resources provided by Overland. — James A. Folmar Director, V22 Operations, The Boeing Company